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The traffic on all the poker sites (data)

Found an extremely interesting article on how much traffic each poker site has. It doesn’t show the number of players or even the people using the client but it shows how many visitors their sites have. One interesting fact is that Pokerstars have a bit less traffic than expected. They are the pokerroom  with the most players but they probably just don’t visit the wibsite to often.

Well here is the article: Total Traffic on all Poker Sites


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More rooms for the bot

The seventh article about our Poker bot.

One of the big things when you want to avoid detection is not playing to long. Even if the bot can play 65 hours with interupts it’s not a good idea. This is a rookie mistake when it comes to botting and the poker rooms Do keep track of this. The problem for most poker bots is that since they don’t make much money they need to grind a lot. Solving this is not rocket science though.

Tactics for solving the “long grind”-problem.

Let the bot connect and disconnect on it’s own. If the bot logs on, sits down at a few tables for 4 hours before it disconnects automaticly it doesn’t look weird. It’s a problem that you can’t keep the account alive more than that becasue it will lessen your profit but it’s a must.

Let several bots play at the same room. The bot can run several accounts simultaneous without problem, the problem here is to have several accounts. You need more than 1 identity for this but it’s fairly easy. It’s important to keep track of what proxies you use for it too. Don’t want to use spammy ones so the best is to set up your own.

The smartest way is to expand in more poker networks. Let the bot play at several networks, with one proxy and 2 identities you can play 14 accounts as once if the bot can handle 7 networks. We had more identities than that and more servers to use but we still wanted to expand it.

Which poker networks do we select?

We decided we wanted to hit Ongame Network and Microgaming because they were already familiar to me. Ongame have among others, Betsson, Pokerroom and Pokerloco. Microgaming have among others Unibet, Doyles Room and Betway, all of the mentioned rooms where I have played or actively play.

The problem here is that Ongame Network banned Rakeback but there are sites there that can offer pretty decent bonuses anyway so we thought it a good choice.

Upgrade of the bot this time:

The bot now connects to 3 poker rooms with 1 or 2 accounts on each, it will play for 2-6 hours (you can set this number or let it be random). It makes 1 or 2 five minute breaks (they are a bit random long but aprox 5 min) each session and then it disconnects to rest til the next day.

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US poker players

The US poker players are worth more money to the poker rooms than the European poker players. At first you might think that this is because they have more money to spend on poker but that is just not true. Europeans spend as much or in some cases more money playing poker than the US players. The reason is that the competition on the US market is less because of the strict rules. Most poker rooms pulled out of the US market and now there is only a handfull left. This makes the players less willing to move once they signed up for a poker room. They will play on the same site for a longer time than the more agile European players.

This is the reason poker rooms are more willing to pay for US players than for their European friends. The poker rooms accepting US players can sometimes give you as much as $250 for a player while in Europe it is rare with anything higher than $150. The US market is a much more dangerous market than Europe but the rewards are bigger both for the poker rooms and for the affiliates.

Targeting the US market with your affiliate business is not as risky as targeting it with your poker room. Even if you are the kind of person that would never start a poker room targeting US players you might want to consider doing it with your affiliate site. On the other hand Europe is a big enough market to make a whole lot of money so it might be smart to stay safe and leave the US players where they are.

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Poker, Blackjack and Roulette

Casino games are fun, often money based forms of entertainment that has many people playing daily worldwide. In times past the casino was the only place you could play casino games. However, this has changed due to new technologies such as casino game software’s. Playing online is bigger than ever with pay for play sites that offer real money to winning gamers. There are even television programs that deal with casino games, how they are played and various rule aspects to each game. I will go over the three most played casino games and give you a little bit of relevant information on each.

Poker Play

Out of the many types of Casino games to choose from, poker is by far the most popular. Understanding the rules of poker while developing winning techniques is what separates the casual poker player from the professional high roller. In this game, huge amounts of money can change hands with a single deal of the cards. Many seasoned gamblers earn a living by participating in poker tournaments and online poker playing. Just to give you an example of the amounts of monies that can be made, just consider Jamie Gold from Malibu, California. He made over twelve million dollars in the recent WSOP championship tournament by beating out the competition. Video poker is an electronic version of poker where you play against the machine instead of other participants. Video poker isn’t legal in all places due to strict gambling laws. The places that have video poker machines do pay out cash to its winners. This allows for traditional gambling at diverse places such as truck stops in addition to casino locations.

Blackjack Basics

Another frequently played casino game is the card based Blackjack, commonly called twenty one. Like most casino games there are several ways to play and win. The most basic principle to understand is that the value of a hand full of cards can’t exceed twenty one. Understanding the terms and ways to play in blackjack and how they affect the game is very important to learn and utilize. Words such as double down, flat bet, hit and paint are commonly used in blackjack. Any player who wants to advance in this game should be familiar with all of the blackjack terminology used around the world. Since blackjack is a game of strategy, there are many resources available for the gaming student to utilize in order to get better. Books, seminars, tutorials and instruction manuals all aide in bring average players up to an advanced level of play.


The casino game of roulette is a little different from blackjack and poker in several ways. In roulette you will need more than just a deck of cards in order to play. You need a roulette wheel, markers, chips and other accessories in order to get a game of roulette going. Prices for roulette wheels can be as little as a few dollars for a basic model all the way up to thousands of dollars for more professional wheels. This fast paced game involves primarily luck where other games are determined by a mixture of luck and skill. Bets are placed on numbers and the people who are the closest to that number wins.

Whether it be blackjack, roulette or poker, casino games are quite enjoyable and may be lucrative if you know how to play.

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Poker bot strategy

The sixth article about our Poker bot.

When we had decided we wanted to expand the bot to be able to play cash games as well it felt like we had to build a complete poker tracker as well. After a while we decided that this was not necessary, most players don’t use a tracker and if the bot can play just a little better than average it’s enough for now. We realized that this kind of functionality wasn’t only a whole software in it self, it was also already out there, there is nothing that says that the bot can’t use existing poker tracker software just as a real player.

The poker bot strategy – step one

We had already set it up to rank starting hands properly, what we did now was slow it down a bit. It’s not realistic to go about a cash game as aggressively as a short handed SNG. We set it up to play a lot more tight and we built a new position calculation function allowing it for a bit more aggressive play in position. With this setup it would play only the top 11 hands and limp in on all small pairs.

Post flop strategy

We tuned the bot down a bit after the flop too, it had been way to willing to spend money in the first version. A much more modestly playing bot is needed for cash games and our bot was pulling some insane stunts with his stack of chips.

The problem now was that if there was player at the table bulldozing the bot would have a hard time (now that the bot was not the bulldozer). A normal player can always make a stand with a good hand and double up against opponents like that but the bot had a hard time. The first thing we had to do was make the bot realize when he’s being bulldozed. This is not the easiest as it meant we actually had to keep track of the opponents after all, not in a complete poker tracker way but a little. Eric managed to come up with a neat little script that just checked for amount of big blinds lost to the same person. Easy but functional.

Now that our little poker bot knows that he is being bulldozed, how should he handle it. We came up with a few options to start with:

  • He can leave the table
  • If he gets AA he can slowplay the bulldozer and trick a lot of money of him (this could be extended to other high pairs as well but as the bot is not very good at reading people, I mean that he can’t, it was a bit dangerous)
  • Leave it to the limp-trip strategy to deal with the bulldozer, the bot had already an implemented strategy of limping with small pairs for hitting trips. This might be enough to handle the situation.

In the end we chose to use the two last methods as having a loose player like that on the table can give you a lot of money.

The next article:

More Rooms for the Bot

One of the big things when you want to avoid detection is not playing to long. Even if the bot can play 65 hours with interupts it’s not a good idea. This is a rookie mistake when it comes to botting and the poker rooms Do keep track of this.

Continue Reading…

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Rakeback – poker bonus that the rooms hate

The poker rooms try to move players from the other rooms to their own, this is basic marketing. If you manage to target people that already play a lot you can increase your market share fairly easy. This is all sound and good, it’s the market. There is one small problem for the poker rooms and the networks though; spending marketing money to get players from the other rooms in the network is in the perspective of the network something that just costs money. All the players in the network rake and a part of that goes to the network. spending money to move one player from one room in the network to another decreases the total profit in the network.

Rakeback is the worst way of doing this. Rakeback takes large chunk from the revenue and has a tendency to just move players from the room in the network that attracts the new players to the rooms in the network that gives rakeback. All the high raking players end up on the rakeback rooms decreasing the total profit with a large chunk.

Most of the networks doesn’t allow rakeback for this reason. The problem for them is that as long as some do, they will lose customers to those who do.

For the players though, rakeback is the good shit. Playing with a 50% rakeback deal can make all the difference, your profits will soar. Imagine playing as you usually do, even if you’re just a break even player, you might rake $1000 a month. $1000 is not in any way a big rake for a player playing every night and rakeback might move you from a guy that plays for fun in to a guy that get a check of $500 every month.

Online poker suffer a lot from Rakeback but online poker players benefit a lot.
And, if we are being honest here, who cares about the poker rooms, $500 is $500.

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Angry Fish is not Shark

Long before I started playing online poker I played several other online games, unlike most players I play more for the game itself than for the money. It doesn’t have to be poker for me, any competitive game with lots of experienced players give me the same rush as poker. I have a different view on how you play to win.

I learned from one of the most competitive games there is how to trick a player so that you can beat him over and over again. There are a few ways to trick your opponent to come back even though he is beaten. My favorite is to play weak (you can do the same by by being cocky in a special way). If it seems like he was very close to beat you he will come back, if he thinks you were only lucky than he knows he will outsmart you the next time. Win on the lucky hands and you’ll make more money. Limp in on small pairs and hit the trip, if you limp in enough you will do it a couple of times, fold everything where you don’t hit and beat him badly when you do. Ok, it’s not always the best strategy statisticly but it is a good strategy to make them drop you those extra dollars.

If they feel you are lucky, they might be cocky or they might get mad, if they get mad and don’t leave you can beat them for everything they have. Angry fish are not sharks.

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