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I recently saw a really decent gambling movie called “21”. My expectations weren’t too high, but they were far exceeded.

The plot is that an intelligent student joins a school club that trains in cheating Blackjack casino systems. Our “hero” only has small experience in poker playing, but since he has a sharp mind he slowly catches up. The math that the members of the club pull off is really something, and with those skills they are able to win absurd amounts of cash. Naturally, though, this has a dark side to it. Their lifestyle is far from safe and they start to get different sorts of enemies, even among them. Actually they are leading a kind of double life, where school is their scene on the weekdays, while Las Vegas is their destination come the weekend. There they can afford to live in a way far beyond imagination, with enormous hotel suites, expensive clothes, expensive food, huge parties, room service and so on.

Their leader, and teacher, is played by Kevin Spacey who does his part brilliantly, as he always does. That actor really has a wide register, in which he knows how to play warm, ice cold, funny, scary and so on. It took me some time to realize it, but fact of the matter is that he has already played a University magister earlier, in the movie “Life of David Gale”. That is also a really nice film, I reckon.

He has also played against Kate Bosworth earlier, in the movie “Beyond the sea”, which he does again in this piece. She plays one of the students.

Another of the actors are Laurence Fishburne, most famous for his role in the Matrix movies. However, the actor that impressed me the most in this film was Jim Sturgess, who plays the leading role. Previously he has mainly done TV productions, but now he is considered one of the rising stars in Hollywood. I loved how his character completely changed during the course of the movie. He went from a geek with no style to a cocky, modern man with nothing to lose.

I haven’t played a lot of card games myself, though I like poker a lot. Even still, I really liked the scenes in which they play Blackjack. The rules aren’t that hard, yet it is amazing to see what they do when they are cheating. Actually, this is based on a true story, where a group of A-students trained themselves in tricking the system.

All in all, I really recommend it!


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Going to the Casino

Waking up at 4 PM, trying to reach for the coke I know I left just beside the bed. The throat and mouth hurst like hell. I know I shouldn’t be smoking when I work but it’s hard not to. I flush down the bitter taste in my mouth with the coke and leaves the place to go to the breakfast place in the same building. I smoke another ciggy before I get there and the waitress knows me so she gets me the coffee on the bar before I sit down.

This is the start of yet another day at the poker tables. I’ll have breakfast as usual, go home again and brush my teeth before I sit down for an hour in the sun and then hit the Casino again. It’s not very far from doing drugs, is it? It’s like I have to do it every night, like a drug. The only difference is that doing drugs costs a lot of money, what I do sure do bring in some cash, and it’s a living.

I live in Las Vegas the major part of the year, this is an accurate description of how glamorous the life in the Sin City really is. It’s hard work and worn out people trying to make a living, or a fortune, we are all so very tired though no matter what. The tourists are moving fast going to the strip clubs when they are done at the casinos, I crash in my bed way to sleepy. It’s a long hard gring being a poker pro, always a bit drunk and always hung over. Think twice before you consider a life at the casinos.

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WSOP Satellite

The World Series of Poker is the biggest poker event for almost all the poker players in the world. Winning one of the events at the WSOP in Las Vegas can make you famous over night. If you place well in them and especially in the main event you will make a whole lot of money as well. The only real problem with WSOP is that the buy in is very high. You have to cough up quite an amount of money to be allowed to play in any of the tournaments. If you don’t live in Las Vegas there is the problem of flight and hotel as well.

One great way of solving this is by winning a WSOP Satellite. Most of the online poker rooms do a lot of satellites to the WSOP and most of them will get you your plane ticket and hotel as well as the buy in to the main event. For a few bucks you can play a qualifier to a satellite and for a couple of more bucks you can sign up for a WSOP satellite. It’s a pretty good way of getting there, play a couple of satellites until you win one and bam you’re in Las Vegas playing the World Series of Poker.

If you think it will be hard to win a WSOP satellite at one of the online poker rooms, well, what do you think you will manage to do in Las Vegas then?

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