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Why we wanted a SNG poker bot

The fifth article about Poker bots.

I think it’s time to give you the reasons for wanting to build a poker bot that playes sit and go tournaments. The thing is that we weren’t sure we could make a good enough player out of our bot. We are had a feeling that we didn’t know enough of the theory in poker strategy. Being a good poker player doesn’t automaticly mean that you are good at the theory (this goes both ways of course). When it comes to small tournaments though there is a stupid as strategy that we could easily reproduce in a bot. Go all in almost all the time, it’s not at all as stupid as it sounds, there is a pretty decent chance of winning if it is a shorthanded sng. We thought that we could start with a bot like that and if it was even to poor at that we could always let it play freerolls. Think about it a bot that plays exetremely agressive in all the freerolls on the net… His chances are a bit better than a bad player and he what he does is that he forces the play towards the lottery side. It’s extremely hard to play good against a player like that.

At this point however it changed, we got support of a really talented poker player/programmer that had previously built a well known poker software. A poker odds calculator if you wish. Here we decided to change the bot in to being a Cash game poker pot.

The next article is a bout how we started setting up the strategy of the bots play.

Poker bot strategy

We had already set it up to rank starting hands properly, what we did now was slow it down a bit. It’s not realistic to go about a cash game as aggressively as a short handed SNG.

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Play like a pro, sting like a bee

There are only a few rare pros that manage to play loose. Loose players rarely make it to the tougher games as they tend to spend their bankroll on the small tables. I spend a lot of time at the tables on a local casino just 1 mile from my home. I know that I’m really a pretty loose player. I tend to limp in with small pairs and even small suited connectors (it is actually a valid strategy but it is loose) and I tend to give the flush draws to much credit. I know it.

I have a mantra that helps me through the cash games with the tourists: Play like a pro, Sting like a bee.

Every time I go to the casino there is always some tourist bulldozing the others and I have to constantly remind myself not to make a statement out of him, it’s better to play good than to aggressivly attack. I have to keep reminding myself, Play tight and when you play, make sure it stings.

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