Poker Bot article series

I have set together a series of articles about how we built our poker bot. I will list the articles on this page becaus it might get a bit tricky to follow sometimes. Well, here they are.


  1. Dave said


    What programming language do you write your bots in?

  2. aaapoker said

    I like C++ best but I guess you could do it in any real language, depends on what you like best.

  3. Dave said

    Thanks. I’m studying C# and am very interested in how you grab the data from each window and then send data/mouseclicks back. Care to elaborate? I’m not asking for your code (though that would be nice!), i just want a few pointers in the right direction. Thanks again.

  4. aaapoker said

    Maybe my post on data gathering can help a bit:

  5. Dave said

    Ah, I see. You grab the images from the video card memory before it’s sent to the screen. Next obvious question then is, how??

    Feel free to tell me to go away if I’m being a nuisance ;-)

  6. aaapoker said

    There are several ways of doing this and the easiest is just reading the memory. If you want a more dirty but a bit simpler method you can just choose the important pixels and see when they change color.

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