Casino bonus

A casino bonus is money that is given to a player after they sign up with an online casino, an online casino bonus is equivalent to a brick & mortar casino comps. Online casino bonuses are used as an incentive to attract new players to sign up with the casino, there are also some very interesting bonuses that online casino offer to existing players to keep them as part of the casino. Despite online casino bonuses being used as an incentive for new players they are also being used as a marketing tool and it is also a useful tool against the competition which is on the increase amongst online casinos particularly considering that there are over 1200 online casinos on the market today all offering the same games with the same features, and using the same software, so online bonuses are the only way to differentiate them, that’s why its not surprising to find a casino offering a 100%, or a 150% bonus.

A casino bonus can be in the ranges of $25 to $200 however this depends on the amount of money that you deposit, for example if the casino is offering a bonus of 100% and you were to pay $100 then that means that you will get a extra $100 free. When joining an online casino it is important to read the rules and regulations concerning your bonus because each particular casino has its own casino rules and regulations concerning the bonuses and the withdrawal system.

Cashable casino bonuses are those bonuses that allow a player to cash out their cash after playing a certain number wagers, this type of bonus is the most popular with players, because the represent a real opportunity to make money, this bonus is subject to rules for example you can only get you money after have made the minimum number of wagers, and theses wagers have to be made on certain types of games, wagers on other games besides these will not count.

A no deposit bonus is offered to any player whether they made a deposit or not, just the fact that you are playing at the casino entitles you to a bonus. This is a good bonus because it allows you the chance to try out a casino without having to pay a deposit. A sticky bonus is a bonus that is normally given on a casino using Microgaming software they are just like no deposit bonuses but they are of a larger amount than the other.

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