Broaden your Poker Horizon

For the avid poker player, sometimes finding the game that is right for you can be difficult task. You’ll probably sit through games that were organized by the husbands of your wives friends and take all of their money on a weekly basis but haven’t found a game that is at your level yet. Here’s where a valuable poker lesson comes into play.
After months of not being able to find yourself the perfect game you’ve been waiting for, you finally found the game that has players at your level and meets at a time that is right for you. It is very important to never get too comfortable in that one game and decide not to go to any more games.
There are a few reasons for this. First, in order to develop into a well-rounded poker player, it is imperative that you keep playing different people and experiencing different styles of play. By doing this you are preparing yourself with all the types of players that may sit across from you both in the future or in tournament play. The other reason why you should always rotate games and never get too comfortable in one spot is because the players around you will begin to learn the tendencies of your game.
If you only play with that group once a month, you’ll keep your competitive advantage because that group won’t be able to learn your tendencies and strategies. This is especially important because as soon as you become comfortable with a group, and your individual player tendencies are exposed, then you could potentially lose a lot of money.
The bottom line is, never get too comfortable in one game and broaden your poker horizons. It will keep the game interesting both for you and for those around you, and save you from losing lots of money!

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