Poker Bot

There are a number of  important parts of a poker bot. Most people would think that the hardest part is making it play well but that is very far from the truth.

The first obstacle is actually reading the information on the poker table. To our luck we had a lot of experience doing this as we’ve been building bots for a lot of games earlier. To be honest, this is the biggest problem for most people but it if you’re used to reading data fron first person shooters poker is honestly nothing. The need for speed is close to nothing and the different kinds of information that you can get is very limited. Compared to make a bot that aims for your enemies in a constantly changing world, reading cards is simple.

The second obstacle is bypassing anti-bot programs. Most poker rooms actually apply some sort of security in this matter but the truth is they don’t really put their heart in to it. They do make a lot of money from bots, raking all day, they just want to make it seem they are putting a lot of effort into it.

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  1. Poker Bot said

    I have build something similar

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