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Poker Bot

There are a number of  important parts of a poker bot. Most people would think that the hardest part is making it play well but that is very far from the truth.

The first obstacle is actually reading the information on the poker table. To our luck we had a lot of experience doing this as we’ve been building bots for a lot of games earlier. To be honest, this is the biggest problem for most people but it if you’re used to reading data fron first person shooters poker is honestly nothing. The need for speed is close to nothing and the different kinds of information that you can get is very limited. Compared to make a bot that aims for your enemies in a constantly changing world, reading cards is simple.

The second obstacle is bypassing anti-bot programs. Most poker rooms actually apply some sort of security in this matter but the truth is they don’t really put their heart in to it. They do make a lot of money from bots, raking all day, they just want to make it seem they are putting a lot of effort into it.

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Poker Tools

As a bot builder the different kinds of Poker Tools has always fascinated me. There are perhaps 10 different poker tools on the market today and 5 of them actual poker statistics software. Poker statistics is one of the most complex parts of poker but you can make a lot out of your and others hand histories if you apply a scientific method to it. Lets take a look at one of the most basic, but very useful, areas to apply some statistics skills. When you play with someone a lot you will instinctivly know if he is a loose or a tight player. You will know that this guy will call you a lot and you will know if he folds if you bet hard on the flop and he didn’t hit. Playing online though this can get tricky because you play so many different players.

By keeping track of your hands and building a database you will actually get a library of your played hands and if you can only filter and sort it in the right way and fast then you have a massive advantage on your opponent. For example, by just calculating how big percent of the hands your opponent calls preflop will tell you wether he is a loose or tight player, it’s not harder than that as statisticly he should call a certain amount of hands over time. Him being loose does not of course that he is a bad player, there are lots of very good players that do play loose. It is still a piece of information you have that he doesn’t (as long as he isn’t using the tool himself). It doesn’t stop there either, if you measure how big percent of his hands he folds after the flop you can see if he is weak or tough post flop. If you know your opponent is weak post flop, placing a bigger bet to get him to fold might be a good idea or if you hit a quad maybe you need to slowplay him.

There are of course a lot of more useful info on your opponents that you can get from a high quality poker tool but it doesn’t even stop there. By looking at your own game in retrospect you can learn things about yourself, maybe you are a tight and passive player and to be honest even though being careful is good that is a combination that will never win you any real money.

There is even more to it than that, what if a tool could tell you which table you should play. You want to find a table with lots of fish and no sharks. Well, todays tools keep track of this too.

If you aren’t using a tool today, you definately should, that is my advice for today.

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