Increasing interest for poker bots

As you might be aware I have blogged a lot bout our Poker Bot Project. I decided to do a little searching on the net to see if it would actually be possible to sell our poker bot in the end and it looks like there is actually a lot of interest. After taking a look at Google trends and comparing the interest for poker bots compared to poker in general the bots are (of course smaller though) increasing during the summer compared to poker. A lot of articles about poker bots have been written the last few months and one of my favourites (because it is not very argumentative but sticking to facts) is Poker Bots myth or reality.

If you are interested too I’d like to show you the Poker Bot article series:

  • The Poker Bot
  • Gathering data for the poker bot
  • Post-flop
  • Cheating Party Poker
  • Why we wanted a SNG poker bot
  • Poker Bot Strategy
  • More rooms for the bot

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