”Lucky you”

Every time I see an American movie about poker I am a bit disappointed. They are always a bit over the top, and it doesn’t feel credible at all. And there aren’t many movies being made about poker in the first place. There are some movies where poker is added to films as an element of an “under world” or a dodgy, criminal culture but that isn’t really what I mean.
What I have been looking for is a film like “Lucky you”. It casts Erica Bana and Drew Barrymore and is a really well made movie. The choice of actors was great I think, since they are both such good ones and nice to look at as well. They are easy for the audience identify with.
The plot is naturally set in Las Vegas, and the year is 2003. Here lives the poker player Huck who is gambling to win big. Even though he is good at what he is doing, he has yet to learn when to get out of the game. One day he comes across a girl named Billie, played by Drew Barrymore. Progressively they start having a relationship, while Huck’s dad arrives to the city. He is greatly played by actor Robert Duvall, and is a character that has a competitive relationship with his son. They are both high stake game players and since the WSOP is coming up, they both have their eyes set on it…
The real competition of World Series of Poker was actually in many ways similar to the one in the movie. They both had 839 players and the winner turned out to be someone who didn’t have much experience of the game at all. Maybe that says something about the forces of luck that are involved?

One problem with the movie is that it is a bit to slow. I think that it could have been ten minutes shorter and then it would feel more action-like. Also, the movie isn’t overwhelmingly credible; if Huck was such a great poker player then he probably wouldn’t be leading such a poor man’s life.
But the acting is good in the movie. Drew Barrymore proved already in indie flick Donnie Darko that she is a talented actress, and Eric Bana captured the audience both in The Hulk and in Troy.
All in all – a good movie, especially for someone that likes poker!

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