Poker Blogs

I do a lot of reading of poker blogs. Not that there is always much to learn or news that’s interesting but it’s nice to read about other players games, how they do, things they think about. Thought I’d share the blogs I read with you:

Holdem Now

The earliest signs and where poker is believed to have started is in New Orleans around 1820.

Holdem Poker

Doyle Brunson is quite of an idol to me because of his many skills in pokerplaying. He was born in Longworth Texas in August 10, 1933.

Texas Holdem

One night in April I met with my friends in Barcelona for a marvellous poker game. We were four guys that went to Barcelona on vacation.

Poker Fanatic

When you start playing poker it might be hard at first and you might want to learn a bit faster then the hard way. In that case a book that teach you should be a great option and you should advance quite fast.

Holdem time

It started of with a kid living in Las Vegas with his father who was a drunk and an addict at gambling. The boy grow up with the image of his drunken father in his head and was thinking all the time that he was not going to turn up like that.

High Stakes Poker

Omega has existed since 1848 when it was developed in Schweiz. 1903 they got together with Tissot, which was followed by several other collaborations. It feels like Omega is the brand that has the most profound place in modern culture. Look at NASA, for example: they specifically chose the brand to be worn at the Apollo-assignments.

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