More rooms for the bot

The seventh article about our Poker bot.

One of the big things when you want to avoid detection is not playing to long. Even if the bot can play 65 hours with interupts it’s not a good idea. This is a rookie mistake when it comes to botting and the poker rooms Do keep track of this. The problem for most poker bots is that since they don’t make much money they need to grind a lot. Solving this is not rocket science though.

Tactics for solving the “long grind”-problem.

Let the bot connect and disconnect on it’s own. If the bot logs on, sits down at a few tables for 4 hours before it disconnects automaticly it doesn’t look weird. It’s a problem that you can’t keep the account alive more than that becasue it will lessen your profit but it’s a must.

Let several bots play at the same room. The bot can run several accounts simultaneous without problem, the problem here is to have several accounts. You need more than 1 identity for this but it’s fairly easy. It’s important to keep track of what proxies you use for it too. Don’t want to use spammy ones so the best is to set up your own.

The smartest way is to expand in more poker networks. Let the bot play at several networks, with one proxy and 2 identities you can play 14 accounts as once if the bot can handle 7 networks. We had more identities than that and more servers to use but we still wanted to expand it.

Which poker networks do we select?

We decided we wanted to hit Ongame Network and Microgaming because they were already familiar to me. Ongame have among others, Betsson, Pokerroom and Pokerloco. Microgaming have among others Unibet, Doyles Room and Betway, all of the mentioned rooms where I have played or actively play.

The problem here is that Ongame Network banned Rakeback but there are sites there that can offer pretty decent bonuses anyway so we thought it a good choice.

Upgrade of the bot this time:

The bot now connects to 3 poker rooms with 1 or 2 accounts on each, it will play for 2-6 hours (you can set this number or let it be random). It makes 1 or 2 five minute breaks (they are a bit random long but aprox 5 min) each session and then it disconnects to rest til the next day.


  1. Levi said

    This is the first time I read something serious about pokerbots. So there are actually people making a living of this??

    I have 2 questions:

    – Doensn’t this take away all the fun and excitement in poker?
    – Isn’t this illegal?



  2. aaapoker said

    -Botting is in my opinion fun in its ow way.
    -There are no laws against creating automated systems of any kind, some poker players might claim there is (or want for that matter) but there is no reason for any country to set up restrictions like that. Why would it be a legal matter?

  3. funnymunny said

    In response to an earlier article, ‘Web Design Company’ comments…

    “How we put up a blog to vaguely describe what it would be like to make a poker bot if we knew how. Too bad we don’t.”

    Do you actually have a working bot / are you able to provide any stats on it’s successes etc?

  4. aaapoker said

    The bot is still in Beta. Keep in mind that this bot is mostly an experiment on our free time to see what quality of a player we can create. We figured the real challenge (to some extent) was in poker as we have built bots for several games before, including for example World of Warcraft, Planetside, Everquest and before that all the MUD:s you can think of.

  5. Shalako said

    It is possible to make a living with poker bots as I did it for 4 years. I stopped when the US ban took effect 2 years ago and got a real job to the delight of my wife. I ran limit poker bots..primarily .50/1 as it made more money in those games then 1/2 or even 3/6. As the limits got higher the games got tighter and less and less loose games could be found. The win rate at .50/1 was about 3 big bets an hour per higher limits it was less then 1. Another nice thing about the low limits is less bankroll fluctuation and stress.

    The bot took 2 years of development before it won any decent money. The bot is actually very simple and is less then 10k lines of code. It can play an unlimited number of tables at once and it is totally undetectable. Everybody is totally on the wrong track when it comes to keeping the bot undetected.

    Anybody can create a bot but very few can create a winning bot. I found this out the hard way. I had to hire a pro poker friend of mine to correct every hand it played until it made virtually no mistakes. This process alone took over a year and was very time consuming. I learned how to play poker by programming the bot. All the money in limit poker is won with marginal hands. Any bot can play the nut hands but how it plays the marginals is what separates the men from the boys.

    At the very end of my bot career I had just completed a basic NL tourney bot and a very complicated player tracking sql database. I put the sql database into play at limit but didn’t find it useful unless it was playing limit games at 3/6 and above.

    Good luck

  6. aaapoker said

    Thank you for that comment, I appreciate the views of others doing the same thing. We are still nowhere near your bot and there is still a lot of developement left til we are.

  7. Shalako said


    Thanks for the reply. Be prepared for a long time consuming process. Many bot developers I knew gave fact all of them I ever met actually. One in particular was a brilliant programmer but he had limited poker skills as I did when I started. I cannot say enough about hooking up with a real professional online player. A pro looks at the game entirely different then an amateur does and without his help I would have had to give up like everybody else.

    I have seen some pretty wild stuff regarding strategy..neural networks, monte carlo simulation, etc. All of it is a waste of time and you will just end up with a bot that slow and cpu intensive. Another huge waste of time is to test bots against other bots. Bots do not act like humans..put the bot in the ring and test against real opponents even if you lose money. You WILL lose money testing these things and it will even fold the nuts on the river occasionally until you get it debugged properly. Even when I thought the bot was finished I would see a scenario that I had never seen before. These machines can take years to get right and pouring over thousands of hand histories can get really really old…

  8. aaapoker said

    Yes without a doubt all bots are little piles of bugs. Even if it’s not pokre bots as I have built bots for other games earlier you can see a lot go to waste. When it’s ordinary online games you might not lose money but something eqaulyl valuable.. time.

  9. Semipro said

    hey guys this was a good read.
    A question for Shalako… is your bot available for use.. opensource.
    I have been playing online and at casino for about 3 years now (am 23) and will usually make money. i am more a tounry player than cash but it is time for me to start looking at maybe a real job lol. The reason i am looking at bots is for a marginal income while im out. i dont really see this as cheating because i do make money when i play and consider my standard of play well above the average online player. the problem is the time. i no longer have the time and so want to set up a system to continue to earn money.
    does anyone on this site have any tips as i have read so much crap about this and it do not have the skills (ie. programming knowledge) to write my own bot.

  10. Semipro said

    also if you know of any good blog spots etc that you have found online i would appreciate and directions.

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