US poker players

The US poker players are worth more money to the poker rooms than the European poker players. At first you might think that this is because they have more money to spend on poker but that is just not true. Europeans spend as much or in some cases more money playing poker than the US players. The reason is that the competition on the US market is less because of the strict rules. Most poker rooms pulled out of the US market and now there is only a handfull left. This makes the players less willing to move once they signed up for a poker room. They will play on the same site for a longer time than the more agile European players.

This is the reason poker rooms are more willing to pay for US players than for their European friends. The poker rooms accepting US players can sometimes give you as much as $250 for a player while in Europe it is rare with anything higher than $150. The US market is a much more dangerous market than Europe but the rewards are bigger both for the poker rooms and for the affiliates.

Targeting the US market with your affiliate business is not as risky as targeting it with your poker room. Even if you are the kind of person that would never start a poker room targeting US players you might want to consider doing it with your affiliate site. On the other hand Europe is a big enough market to make a whole lot of money so it might be smart to stay safe and leave the US players where they are.

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