Rakeback – poker bonus that the rooms hate

The poker rooms try to move players from the other rooms to their own, this is basic marketing. If you manage to target people that already play a lot you can increase your market share fairly easy. This is all sound and good, it’s the market. There is one small problem for the poker rooms and the networks though; spending marketing money to get players from the other rooms in the network is in the perspective of the network something that just costs money. All the players in the network rake and a part of that goes to the network. spending money to move one player from one room in the network to another decreases the total profit in the network.

Rakeback is the worst way of doing this. Rakeback takes large chunk from the revenue and has a tendency to just move players from the room in the network that attracts the new players to the rooms in the network that gives rakeback. All the high raking players end up on the rakeback rooms decreasing the total profit with a large chunk.

Most of the networks doesn’t allow rakeback for this reason. The problem for them is that as long as some do, they will lose customers to those who do.

For the players though, rakeback is the good shit. Playing with a 50% rakeback deal can make all the difference, your profits will soar. Imagine playing as you usually do, even if you’re just a break even player, you might rake $1000 a month. $1000 is not in any way a big rake for a player playing every night and rakeback might move you from a guy that plays for fun in to a guy that get a check of $500 every month.

Online poker suffer a lot from Rakeback but online poker players benefit a lot.
And, if we are being honest here, who cares about the poker rooms, $500 is $500.

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