Angry Fish is not Shark

Long before I started playing online poker I played several other online games, unlike most players I play more for the game itself than for the money. It doesn’t have to be poker for me, any competitive game with lots of experienced players give me the same rush as poker. I have a different view on how you play to win.

I learned from one of the most competitive games there is how to trick a player so that you can beat him over and over again. There are a few ways to trick your opponent to come back even though he is beaten. My favorite is to play weak (you can do the same by by being cocky in a special way). If it seems like he was very close to beat you he will come back, if he thinks you were only lucky than he knows he will outsmart you the next time. Win on the lucky hands and you’ll make more money. Limp in on small pairs and hit the trip, if you limp in enough you will do it a couple of times, fold everything where you don’t hit and beat him badly when you do. Ok, it’s not always the best strategy statisticly but it is a good strategy to make them drop you those extra dollars.

If they feel you are lucky, they might be cocky or they might get mad, if they get mad and don’t leave you can beat them for everything they have. Angry fish are not sharks.

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