Cheating the poker room (Bot vs Party Poker)

The fourth article about Poker bots.

Setting up the bot so that it would be invisible to poker rooms (Party Poker in particular) was a task we knew we were well prepared for. Cheating in games is something universal, it works the same everywhere no matter if it’s online poker, counterstrike or World of Warcraft.
As most poker rooms consider bots cheating, you need to outsmart them. Well, it’s not really true, poker rooms don’t care at all about bots but they know their players do. So the poker rooms try to show their players that they care about botting and consider it cheating. They search enough for bots so that their players will believe you can’t bot. They don’t find bots genereally because finding one will make it obvious to the players that you can bot. This works the same in all kinds of online games…

Technical highlights

One of the properties of the bot that’s really important is the response time. By just setting a more or less random responsetime the detection is made a lot harder. It’s true a lot of bot builders don’t think about it.

Another one is play time. Don’t let the bot play for 65 hours in a row. Set it so that it logs off after a few hours, logging back in on another account, from another IP a bit later. Up time is important for the bot, the better up time the more money it makes but you need to make sure they can’t see that it’s playing constantly.

Betting amounts is important, don’t let the bot bet the same amount all the time, both players and the poker room will find this strange. Just add a little randomness to it. Not to much though, don’t want the bot to keep betting .00345 cents and crap like that.

Don’t always play the same amount of tables at the same stakes. If you have several bots running at the same time you need them to be a bit different. Can look pretty moronic when 10 bots play at the same tables.

Let the bot take breaks, people need to eat and so should bots.

And finally the toughest (and most important) property that a bot needs to have. We are still not certain this is necessary for Party Poker but we did it anyway to stay safe. It needs to be mutating. There are lots of files in the bot and some poker rooms have a very intrusive cheat detection. Don’t let it be obvious to someone searching your computer that you are a cheater. It’s not very hard to make filenames change and stuff like that.

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  1. Deborah Sneed said

    I have been playing on partypoker and empire poker for a year and I have never seen as many cheating programs as I have in the past three months. Can’t something be done? They are cheating FOR partypoker and reselling chips back to us. Come on!!!!

  2. Deborah Sneed said

    I can give you four nics that are cheating right now with a program on empire poker. It is haley123456, colii, luli_master and MrLotofWrong. They think it is funny to steal chips that honest people have bought through paypal so the site can resell them back to us. So partypoker and empire poker is a part of the scam.

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