Post Flop – hell for poker bots

The third article about Poker bots.

Deciding what to do post flop is dangerous grounds for a bot, this is where most of the better players beat the worse. If you win the game after the flop only luck can save the worse player on turn and river. The thing with the bot is that we don’t build it to be a good player, we are building a surviving player and that is something totally different.

Once the flop is on the table the poker gets much harder. The pre-flop is pretty much kindergarten when it comes to programming compared to this. We decided we wanted to take some shortcuts though. As we didn’t need the bot to play well, just to survive we thought we’d manage to cut some corners. These are the shortcuts.

If the bot is first to bet after the flop:

  • There is a possible straight or flush on the table; bet half the pot 70% of the times, bet the pot 10%.
  • Bot hit pair or better; bet the pot 70% of the times.

If the bot is not first:

  • There is a possible straight or flush on the table; All in 50% of the times, double the original bet 20%
  • Bot hit top pair, All in 100%
  • Bot hit pair (not top) All in 50%, double original bet 20%

Can you see where this is leading? We repeat this on the turn and the river and what happens is that if the bot actually do play a hand there is a massive chance that it will sometime go all in. This moves the play to just luck. As long as you play with the bot the only thing that matters is luck, you can’t outplay it because it doesn’t try anything, it just goes all in (but only after a while, it forces you to bet a little first so you get committed).

With this for core this is by far the most stupid poker bot in the book but it works. This is not at all a bead strategy on short-handed Sit and Go’s especially with a fast blind-structure. Give it a try yourself on a turbo SNG and you’ll see that it’s actually pretty smart. We decided we wanted the bot to play like this at least in the beginning, making it smarter could be left to step 2.

Read more in the next article: Cheating the poker room (Bot vs Party Poker)

As most poker rooms consider bots cheating, you need to outsmart them. Well, it’s not really true, poker rooms don’t care at all about bots but they know their players do. So the poker rooms try to show their players that they care about botting and consider it cheating. They search enough for bots so that their players will believe you can’t bot. They don’t find bots genereally because finding one will make it obvious to the players that you can bot. This works the same in all kinds of online games…

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