Play like a pro, sting like a bee

There are only a few rare pros that manage to play loose. Loose players rarely make it to the tougher games as they tend to spend their bankroll on the small tables. I spend a lot of time at the tables on a local casino just 1 mile from my home. I know that I’m really a pretty loose player. I tend to limp in with small pairs and even small suited connectors (it is actually a valid strategy but it is loose) and I tend to give the flush draws to much credit. I know it.

I have a mantra that helps me through the cash games with the tourists: Play like a pro, Sting like a bee.

Every time I go to the casino there is always some tourist bulldozing the others and I have to constantly remind myself not to make a statement out of him, it’s better to play good than to aggressivly attack. I have to keep reminding myself, Play tight and when you play, make sure it stings.

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