WSOP Satellite

The World Series of Poker is the biggest poker event for almost all the poker players in the world. Winning one of the events at the WSOP in Las Vegas can make you famous over night. If you place well in them and especially in the main event you will make a whole lot of money as well. The only real problem with WSOP is that the buy in is very high. You have to cough up quite an amount of money to be allowed to play in any of the tournaments. If you don’t live in Las Vegas there is the problem of flight and hotel as well.

One great way of solving this is by winning a WSOP Satellite. Most of the online poker rooms do a lot of satellites to the WSOP and most of them will get you your plane ticket and hotel as well as the buy in to the main event. For a few bucks you can play a qualifier to a satellite and for a couple of more bucks you can sign up for a WSOP satellite. It’s a pretty good way of getting there, play a couple of satellites until you win one and bam you’re in Las Vegas playing the World Series of Poker.

If you think it will be hard to win a WSOP satellite at one of the online poker rooms, well, what do you think you will manage to do in Las Vegas then?

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